March Madness. . . then POOF!

Just like that…POOF!…March Madness is over. After four weeks of buildup, filling in brackets, 63 games, it’s all over. I went to ESPN online and the lead story was about Tony Romo leaving the NFL for a CBS broadcast booth. The next story had a photo of John Calipari. You read that right- John Calipari, not Roy Williams. CBS always ends the championship broadcast with the song, “One Shining Moment.” How appropriate… because this morning there is no shine, only a faint memory of a poorly officiated game marked by equally poor shooting.

This is why I hated to see college football go to a playoff system. When it’s over, it’s over. In the old days of the polls, one could be sure that talk, discussions, even arguments about who really was the best college football team in America would go on for weeks, months, or right up until the first game of the next season. Bowl games really meant something. Interest reigned the entire year. Money can’t buy that kind of PR. But now, once the championship game is over, it’s over. BORING!

Oh well, I guess I could read the article to see if Tony Romo is really becoming a sportscaster. On second thought, NAH!

What do you think?

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